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Mahogany Body

Maple Neck

Ebony Fingerboard

Beveled Edges

EMG 81/85 Pickups

9V Battery Port

Floyd Rose Tremolo & Locking Nut

Gold Hardware

EVO Gold Frets

Optional CR Logo Inlay

24 Jumbo Frets


Midnight BGLess V2.png


Everyone, I’m incredibly excited to finally announce my official artist signature model with Kiesel Custom Guitars in two color options: Midnight & Moonlight. The perfect blend of luxurious appearance and sheer performance capability. This will be a guitar that finds it’s ‘forever place’ in your ever-growing collection of musical instruments.

I signed with Kiesel back in March of 2018 and since then I’ve used my custom DC model guitars on countless projects. Whether it be creating covers in the studio for my YouTube channel, original music videos, or live performances - these guitars are an essential part of my sound and identity as an artist. I remember first joining up with Kiesel and finally having the opportunity to design my first completely custom guitar.. I knew exactly what I envisioned my dream guitar to look and feel like. 


We created my signature model to embody all performance aspects of the guitars you’ve seen in my videos throughout the years at the most affordable price point. Kiesel has done nothing short of a spectacular job of bringing my vision of a true “Cole Rolland signature guitar” to life. 


I’ll be completely honest I’m not the most intense person when it comes to knowing about specs and gear but I know damn well what I like! I’ve been after something fast and versatile that has a great look and sound to back it up. I’ve covered 100’s of songs on my YouTube channel from pop to rock to metal to classical and these guitars have brought the pain every - single - time. 

Midnight & Moonlight are the exact same performance specs as all of my Kiesel DC custom models at a much more affordable price point.


The solid mahogany body gives me the power and depth that I need to give my riffs the punch they’re calling for. The beveled edges are a stylistic choice but man does it ever look good with the matte finish. My signature guitar has a maple neck, ebony fretboard, neck-thru design which I’ve always been in love with. This has been a staple feature of every guitar that I’ve played over the last 7 years. It feels like home to me. 


A Floyd Rose bridge? On a Cole Rolland signature guitar? Gotta have it. Once I got my first whammy bar on my guitar (I think I was 14) I genuinely never looked back when it came to what I was using for my main guitar. A trademark of my playing style is making the guitar “scream” whether it’s through a dramatic vibrato or harmonic using the bar. EMG 81/85’s in the brushed black chrome finish have been my pickups of choice for years and are the perfect pairing for my stylistic choices. They’ve always given me the ability to make the guitar really scream on my leads and punch hard on the riffs.

These guitars visually and sonically embody what I have always envisioned as an artist. It’s absolutely essential that the design of my signature guitar gives guitarists the capability to play whatever comes to mind. This instrument is what I’d always dreamt of as a kid. I grew up admiring the greats like EVH, Herman Li, Andy James, and Randy Rhoads. I knew I wanted something fast, something powerful, without limitations. I wanted to design a guitar that looks just as good as it feels to play.

I am incredibly proud of this work of art that we've been able to create. Midnight & Moonlight are a part of me as an artist and I'm so excited to see these beautiful guitars in your hands.